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The national diet of children in Japan



The National diet of children was held in Tokyo on July 30.

I went to meet Koji-san came from Australia where he has lived with his family since last year.

His family lived in Fukushima before the great disaster in East Japan.

They escaped from radioactive pollution in Fukushima and went to Australia .

He and his brother have struggled to get acclimatized in new world and studied hard foreign language, but their life in foreign country is rather harsh.

It is presumed that over 1,000 children escaped from radioactive pollution of  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and went abroad.

They all need financial, mental, and social support ,however, they cannot get any support by Japanese government.




I am a medical practitioner working in Miyagi, Japan.

   *contact information ;

As you know , there was a great disaster in Japan last March 11th.

Actually, I have been working voluntarily for public hygiene and preserving stray pets that went wild in the disaster stricken areas since last year.

However, my activities have come up against a brick wall due to shortage of funds.

Now, I would appeal to you for financial support of my activities.

I shall be grateful for every support you provide!!


Payee name: Yuichi Kameoka

           Address: 7-5-33, HIgashi-Sendai, Miyagino-Ward, Sendai-city,


          Postal code: 9830833

          Account number, saving account: 3222592

Bank name: Sendai Bank

          Bank code: 0512

          Branch name: Haranomachi

          Branch code: 206

Currency code: JPY

*only accept payment in JPY,sorry

*I will send you a signed receipt, if necessary. However, please note that your contribution may not be allowable as a deduction.


  1. Practices of mecicine and public hygiene in the disaster stricken areas; Miyagi,Iwate,and Fukushima
  2. Preservation stray pets and livestock that went wild , and finding their foster parents
  3. To give scholarships to children who escaped or to attempt to escape to foreign countries

*I shall bring you for further report on my activities records as soon as  they are prepared.

*Please see other blog in which some of my activities are described ;

A lot of elderly were died due to heatstroke in disaster stricken area

A total of 1,306 people were taken by ambulance to hospital due to heatstroke last week in disaster stricken area,Miyagi,Iwate,and Fukushima, and 13 of them died.

Many of them were elderly over the age of 65 including 5 people living in temporary housings.

Actually, sanitary conditions of the suffers are still causing great anxiety in Fukushima. 


Onuma-san shows repentance for his slogan

 Futabamachi,Futaba-Town in Fukushima prefecture,which has the infamous Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant, has been designated as a evacuation zone since the nuclear accident last March.

Onuma-san,Yuji Onuma (age 36) is from Futabamachi. He escaped with his wife and small children to Aichi prefecture, approximately 500Km far from Fukushima.

25 years ago,when he was a primary school student,he wrote a slogan,

‘ Nuclear Powrer Plant in Futabamachi

 Hope for our brilliant future! ‘

which won the first prize in a contest,and his slogan has been displayed everywhere in Futabamachi for 25 years.

But now , Onuma-san shows repentance for making the slogan.

When he allowed to entry back into his hometown on 15th. July,  he expressed his feeling to the reporters who accompanied him .

” I would like to correct the slogan・・・・

‘Nuclear Power Plant in Futabamachi

 NO HOPE for our future! ‘

Such terrible accident must not happen again. We never need nuclear power plants in Japan! “