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Onuma-san shows repentance for his slogan

July 18, 2012

 Futabamachi,Futaba-Town in Fukushima prefecture,which has the infamous Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant, has been designated as a evacuation zone since the nuclear accident last March.

Onuma-san,Yuji Onuma (age 36) is from Futabamachi. He escaped with his wife and small children to Aichi prefecture, approximately 500Km far from Fukushima.

25 years ago,when he was a primary school student,he wrote a slogan,

‘ Nuclear Powrer Plant in Futabamachi

 Hope for our brilliant future! ‘

which won the first prize in a contest,and his slogan has been displayed everywhere in Futabamachi for 25 years.

But now , Onuma-san shows repentance for making the slogan.

When he allowed to entry back into his hometown on 15th. July,  he expressed his feeling to the reporters who accompanied him .

” I would like to correct the slogan・・・・

‘Nuclear Power Plant in Futabamachi

 NO HOPE for our future! ‘

Such terrible accident must not happen again. We never need nuclear power plants in Japan! “


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